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Seeding the Universe With Life
~ Securing Our Cosmological Future ~

Galactic Ecology, Astroethics and
Directed Panspermia

by Michael Noah Mautner

2000 Legacy Books

Book Summary

Evolution will soon take new turns in our hands, and Life will start to expand in the galaxy. We must define carefully the principles that will guide this future. These principles can be defined on the basis that that Life is unique in Nature, and that all the family of organic Life is united by a common origin and a shared future.

Life is unique also in its self-propagation. Our being part of the family of Life therefore defines the human purpose: to forever propagate Life, and to elevate Life to a controlling force in Nature. This in turn defines the principles of ethics: that which promotes Life is good; that which threatens Life is evil.

We can best secure Life by expanding in the universe. To this effect, we can send microbial missions to seed with life other young solar systems. Some of these new chains of Life can result in intelligent species who will further promote life in the universe.

Both microorganisms and humans in space will need the resources of asteroids and comets. Experimental research on meteorites showed that these materials can provide fertile soils for microorganisms and for plants. On this basis, astroecology can estimate the ultimate scope of Life. The resources of space will allow Life to flourish throughout the universe, sustaining trillions in the Solar System and much more in the future galaxy.

Both our feelings and science show that Life is unique and precious. We can expand and secure Life in space. We can assure that our descendants will populate the universe and seek eternity. When Life permeates the universe, our human existence will find a cosmic purpose.

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